At Praetorian Consulting, we believe in empowering everyone to live life on their own terms.

Our Mission

Praetorian Consulting’s mission is to provide consulting, procurement services, and tailor-made strategies to clients seeking autonomy, self-reliance, privacy, and freedom.

Meet the Founder



Daniel has spent his entire adult life identifying and mitigating risk around the world for the United States. Beginning with service in the Marine Corps, Daniel earned the coveted titles of Reconnaissance Marine, Scout Sniper, and Marine Raider (Critical Skills Operator) where he was highly decorated for his service in combat. Upon leaving military service, Daniel continued to serve in a number of various government capacities where he again found himself in combat zones and tumultuous, challenging environments. With every new environment in which Daniel found himself, he continued to learn and develop a versatile and flexible set of skills with which to address threats and mitigate risks to various US national interests. Witnessing both the successes and failures of governments, corporations, and individuals the world over, Daniel saw that there was an emerging and increasingly urgent need for the lessons he acquired abroad in the United States, so he brought his knowledge and experience back to his home. Daniel founded Praetorian Consulting with the vision of being able to assist, educate, and empower his own countrymen with the tools to control chaos in their own lives.

Trust Praetorian Consulting and take control of your life.