Praetorian Consulting experts understand that every situation is different. Our experienced staff will work directly with you to determine which one of our many services fit your specific needs.

Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is by far our most comprehensive service. Our experienced and professional planners will conduct an in-depth analysis of your concerns, resources, and goals to develop a complete package that meets your needs.

Costumized Solutions


Unique problems require unique solutions. Our professional staff has lived and worked in a variety of locations around the globe. This diverse experience provides our experts the ability to evaluate and assess any issue that you may encounter and provide a solution tailor made for you.

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Equipment Acquisition


There are virtually unlimited options when it comes to gear and equipment. Praetorian Consulting, along with our vast network of experienced industry experts, will help you to evaluate these choices and empower you to find the best fit for you, your situation, and your budget.

Response Packages


Praetorian Consulting has devised numerous response packages designed to provide comprehensive coverage for you and your family, regardless of the situation. Our response packages are delivered in a concise and user-friendly manner while maintaining a tastefully discreet appearance. All packages are immediately ready for use upon receipt.

To discuss customization and order details, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.