Praetorian Consulting dedicates itself to offering professional assistance to individuals traveling for either business or leisure. Our Business & Travel Packages aim to safeguard your personal identity, intellectual property, and privacy even if you find yourself in a less savory corner of the world.

Leisure Travel Package


We designed this package to protect your privacy and data by understanding how cellular infrastructure and nefarious actors alike operate. It includes USB data blockers, RFID blocking equipment, and an easy-to-use VPN-enabled travel router, allowing you to enjoy your adventures abroad with confidence.

Privacy Travel Package


As the name suggests, this package includes VPN-enabled travel routers, a “de-Googled” privacy cell phone, anonymous payment methods, an encrypted solid-state hard drive, and an encrypted laptop loaded with an operating system of your choice in addition to all the items included in the Leisure Travel Package. We acquire all components in a manner that is unattributable to you.

Privacy Business Package


Crafted with the goal of safeguarding your intellectual property, the Privacy Business Package seamlessly integrates components from both the Leisure and Privacy Travel Packages. Included in this package are an ultrasonic microphone jammer and a counter-surveillance device detector.

To discuss customization and order details, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.