Amateur radio plays a pivotal role in enhancing emergency preparedness by providing a resilient and independent communication infrastructure. Praetorian Consulting Communication Packages empower individuals and communities to stay connected, ensuring vital information exchange and coordination during times of need.

Weekender Radio Kit


Designed for the group of friends that enjoys spending their days outdoors where cellular coverage isn’t a thing. Delivered with 4 handheld VHF/UHF radios, long-duration batteries, extended range antennas, handsets, solar charging capability, and limited satellite communications should the need to reach back to civilization arise in the event of an emergency.

Mobile Operations Kit (MOK)


The MOK is the Weekender’s big brother. In addition to everything the Weekender Radio Kit offers, the MOK adds to it by including a HF base station radio with its own mobile power source, solar recharging capability, and durable backpack to keep everything neatly buttoned up. This kit also includes a whip antenna and a Field Expedient Antenna Kit, allowing you to construct your own antennas.

Hybrid Communication Kit


In the event overwhelming cellular traffic cripples the cellular infrastructure, you’ll be grateful you grabbed a Hybrid Communication Kit. This kit turns your previously useless cell phone into a point-to-point communication device and, when utilized in larger groups, creates an effective mesh network allowing you to continue using your mobile device external from the network. Delivered complete with mobile power banks and all associated cables.

Field Expedient Antenna Kit (FEAK)


When it comes to amateur radio antennas, one size doesn’t fit all. With the Praetorian Consulting FEAK, you’ll have the ability to create whatever antenna the situation calls for. The FEAK includes 14-gauge stranded antenna wire, insulators, cordage, and split post BNC adapters (“Cobra Head” adapters), antenna resistors, and BNC antenna cable.

To discuss customization and order details, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.