Not every incident calls for the most extreme response, but here at Praetorian Consulting we don’t plan for the mundane…. we plan for the worst case scenario. If you’re prepared for the most dangerous potentiality, everything else becomes a walk in the park.

Basic Defender Kit


Designed for those looking to defend their home like the castle it is. Delivered complete with pistol belt including pistol retention holster, personal ballistic protection, weapon lights, multiple ammunition magazines for both rifle and pistol, and the home defense ammunition of your choice.

Nocturnal Defender Kit


Providing the same capabilities as the Basic Defense Kit plus the added benefit of of allowing you to see in the dark, the Nocturnal Defense Kit gives you a crucial edge over your adversaries. Delivered complete with PVS-14 White Phosphor night vision monocle, helmet mounting system, and rifle IR aiming laser.

To discuss customization and order details, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.