Praetorian Consulting, we believe in tailoring solutions to specific needs rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Whether you’re hunting in the back country or navigating a natural disaster, Praetorian Consulting has Medical Packages capable of providing the care you need to make it until help arrives.

Everyday First Aid Kit (EFAK)


A few steps above a traditional first aid kit with band-aids and ointment, the EFAK is designed to follow the MARCH algorithm. Compact and the perfect compliment for a vehicle, go-bag, or home, the EFAK will enable you to get a handle on the situation before professional help arrives.

Home Medical Kit


While the Home Medical Kit does follow the MARCH algorithm, certain aspects have been bolstered to accommodate common household injuries, as well as those likely to be experienced during a violent home invasion. Specifically, additional hemorrhage control, burn treatment, and minor wound care items and equipment have been increased.

Vehicle Medical Kit


Vehicle accidents can be horrific, but not as horrific as not have the necessary medical equipment to effectively treating the injuries sustained in one. In this medical kit, we significantly augmented the hemorrhage control, burn treatment, and airway management equipment so that you can effectively provide aid to all passengers involved.

Extended Care Kit


Looking to create an extended care capability in your home or other off-site location? Look no further. This kit has everything you need to stabilize a patient and provide follow-on treatment in the event that help will not be reaching you anytime soon, such as a grid failure, natural disaster, or civil unrest isolation scenario. This kit can also be modified for a mobile extended care capability, as well.

Ruggedized Field Surgical Kit


Designed for the medical professional, the Ruggedized Field Surgical Kit provides the capability to triage patients, perform forward resuscitative surgery, Damage Control Surgery (DCS), patients sustainment, emergency dental treatment, blood banking, and limited radiology services

To discuss customization and order details, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.