Much like world events, vehicle troubles always seem to manifest at the most inopportune times. Praetorian Consulting Vehicle Packages allow you to confidently face whatever the roads throws your way.

The Minimum


The name says it all. The Minimum is designed to help overcome everything from patching a tire to a rapid recovery of a stuck vehicle. Comes complete with a tire repair kit, basic tool kit, loop-loop tow line, and a soft shackle.

Basic Off-Road Kit


Occasionally find yourself off the beaten path? Don’t leave home without the Basic Off-Road Kit. Includes a basic tool kit, Hi-Lift jack, hard and soft shackles, a pair of Maxtrax, limited fuel storage, and short-handled shovel.

Singleton Off-Road Kit


If you find yourself engaging on frequent adventures far from civilization and help, then the Singleton Off-Road Kit is for you. Designed with complete self-recovery in mind, this kit includes items from both The Minimum and Basic Off-Road Kits in addition to an air compressor, a hitch mounted winch kit, a winch line extender, multiple snatch blocks and pulleys, and extra tow straps.

Caravan Overland Kit


Designed for the group of friends that likes to get rambunctious on the weekends. As a very robust Singleton Off-Road Kit, this package has multiple redundancies built in so that no one piece of gear, or vehicle, can act as a single point of failure.

To discuss customization and order details, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.